How To Use Influencing Skills In A Negotiation

How To Use Influencing Skills In A Negotiation Effective listening skills – e.g. when listening to customers, colleagues or other stakeholders to demonstrate understanding – if we can first understand exactly what the other person is communicating we have a... Continue Reading →

How To Have Excellent Communication Skills In Negotiations

How To Have Excellent Communication Skills In Negotiations The skills of negotiation are the skills of effective communication: poor communicators NEVER do well in a negotiation. In the heat of a negotiation it is essential to get your communication style... Continue Reading →

How to Win An Argument

How to Win An Argument If you are up against things and need to make your point clearly and carefully you need to consider the following steps to give you a framework to pin your desired outcomes around. See the... Continue Reading →

How To Have Successful Negotiations

How To Have Successful Negotiations Negotiation is all about the art of compromise: it is seldom a good idea to be in a situation where you win to such an extent that the other party feels like they have got... Continue Reading →

How To Renegotiate Supply Contracts

This is potentially a tricky thing to do – suddenly the contract struck a few years ago no longer looks like the good deal it was then – so, what can you do? What’s the position? There are three contexts... Continue Reading →

Who Holds The Power In A Negotiation?

Who Holds The Power In A Negotiation? Several types of power can influence the outcome of a negotiation. The use of the word “can” in the previous statement is emphasised because if power is held but not used then the... Continue Reading →

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