Seven Golden Rules Of Business Success

Seven Golden Rules Of Business Success To really make your business stand out from the crowd make sure that you follow the Seven Golden Rules outlined below: It is your business and it looks and functions the way it does... Continue Reading →

The 5 Most Common Causes Of Conflict For A Manager

The 5 Most Common Causes Of Conflict For A Manager Keep a continual look-out for the Big 5 causes of conflict in any workplace and be prepared to deal with the consequences! The Individual: attitudes, personality characteristics/particular needs or stress... Continue Reading →

What Should Be In A Marketing Review?

What Should Be In A Marketing Review? Marketing is all about designing and delivering a product or service that the customer wants – if we can get this right we have a very good chance of making profit because we... Continue Reading →

Skills Spot – Marketing Defined

Skills Spot – Marketing Defined Marketing; using perfume to spray skunks!

Going Mobile – the future Business Model?

Going Mobile – the future Business Model? We all know that businesses should seek out customers – only truly exceptional businesses just sit there waiting for customers to come and buy or even having customers waiting in line to buy!... Continue Reading →

Planning Effective Marketing

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail. Never was a truer expression written.  Many businesses fail because they do not plan ahead in terms of the products and services they aim to deliver and because they are not sufficiently savvy... Continue Reading →

2015 Business Trends – Ignore At Your Peril

2015 Business Trends – What To Look Out For.  There will be plenty of business available offline. A loyal but small customer base can deliver real success as developing and sustaining a profitable in-demand niche will be a sure-fire way... Continue Reading →

2015 – How will you make the New Year work for Brand You?

Ten “Must-Dos” to make 2015 YOUR year. 2015 is going to be a challenge and will require real dedication to make it a success for you and your business.  To make things happen consider the following pointers.! Get Organised; whatever... Continue Reading →

The curious case of the City of Ordos – getting your Strategy very very WRONG!!

Getting it badly wrong! The curious case of Ordos, Inner Mongolia. China is home to the world’s biggest ghost town. China’s economic boom has left a trail of ghost towns. Designed to be homes for millions of people, these state-of-the-art... Continue Reading →

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