Making Decisions

What Is A Decision?

What Is A Decision? Management is all about making decisions – if this was not the case then you would not be in your job! What makes for a decision? A good way to look at this is a specific... Continue Reading →


Good Or Bad Decision Making?

Good Or Bad Decision Making? There are only two factors that will tell you if you have made a good decision or not – regardless of the context, scale and scope of that decision a good decision is judged on:... Continue Reading →

How To Make Decisions Effectively

How To Make Decisions Effectively Evaluate and be clear how important the decision actually is: should you be making it or should someone either senior to you or one of your staff be making it? Identify people with the appropriate... Continue Reading →

How To Get Very Difficult Decisions Right

How To Get Very Difficult Decisions Right We all are faced with making decisions that we would rather not have to do – these are the kinds of judgements that will have profound implications and wide-ranging consequences for many different... Continue Reading →

Good Critical Thinking Skills In Management

Good Critical Thinking Skills In Management We are continually striving towards making better decisions and making improvements in systems and working procedures: successful organisations do this all of the time to continually refine and shape their offer. In just the... Continue Reading →

Management Meddling – If It Is Broken Never Fix It

Management Meddling - If It Is Broken Never Fix It There are always good and convincing reasons why we should never rush to mend something, despite what we might be expected to do and wade in to mend something that... Continue Reading →

How To Make Excellent Decisions

How To Make Excellent Decisions All decisions should be made as low as possible in the organisation. The Charge of the Light Brigade was ordered by an officer who was not there looking at the territory. It didn’t go well.... Continue Reading →

How Are Managerial Decision Making And Conflict Linked?

How Are Managerial Decision Making And Conflict Linked? What tactics do managers use when trying to exert influence and power through information and decision making? Information Control: information gives power. It is always hard to argue against the facts, even... Continue Reading →

10 Tips For Managers Dealing And Managing In Uncertain Times

10 Tips For Managers Dealing And Managing In Uncertain Times The pace of change is relentless and managers need to be able to deal with the unexpected and unwelcome parts of the job that create uncertain working conditions and pressures... Continue Reading →

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