Lean Production

What Are Lean Principles And How Can I Use Them As A Manager?

What Are Lean Principles And How Can I Use Them As A Manager? Lean principles deliver success – global businesses have grown very powerful and successful by applying them to a range of both production and service delivery systems. For... Continue Reading →


How Managers Can Use Lean Goals To Deliver Excellence

How Managers Can Use Lean Goals To Deliver Excellence We all want to have the best possible system and set of procedures/activities for our business or operation BUT finding that is sometimes a difficult and time-consuming process. A sound short-cut... Continue Reading →

How To Design A Truly Effective And Efficient Production Layout Identify the different t asks involved and their immediate predecessors: make sure that these tasks are analysed and mapped out so that you really understand what is involved in each.... Continue Reading →

Making Lean Processes Work For You

Making Lean Processes Work For You Using Lean Processes in your business means having a clear focus upon cutting away all excess fat and waste from your systems to allow them to truly deliver good quality and consistent outputs. Central... Continue Reading →

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