Interviewer Skills

16 Very Effective Pre-Interview Questions

16 Very Effective Pre-Interview Questions At the sifting stage of the recruitment process, where information is being gathered on the telephone ahead of perhaps an Assessment Centre Event or the Interview itself, a large amount of helpful information about a... Continue Reading →

16 Excellent Interview Questions

16 Excellent Interview Questions At the Interview it is critical to make that time the most productive it can be in forming a concrete opinion of the candidates in front of you. The trick is to ask a series of... Continue Reading →

10 Types Of Interview Questions

10 Types Of Interview Questions Interview questions come thick and fast in the heat of the battle, some relatively simple, others very complicated, some open, some closed, some relatively easy to answer, others designed to test and catch you out!... Continue Reading →

Good Non Verbal Behaviour Tips For The Interviewer

Good Non Verbal Behaviour Tips For The Interviewer Get the balance of eye contact right – look at the candidate, but do not stare continually – it will make them feel uncomfortable or they will start to think about why... Continue Reading →

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