Ineffective Management

Does My Team Lack Appropriate Leadership? 

Does My Team Lack Appropriate Leadership?  As a manager you MUST look hard and fast in the mirror and critically assess how you are performing in leading your Team. Sometimes you will be just too close to see what is... Continue Reading →


How To Manage An Incompetent Manager

How To Manage An Incompetent Manager Everyone complains about their manager from time to time. What is important is to separate out the occasional gripe or whinge from something far more serious where real issues of incompetence are to be... Continue Reading →

What Does Ineffective Management Look Like?

What Does Ineffective Management Look Like? The list could be endless but as a minimum try to avoid the following traps! Poor communication (content, style, approach) Disengaged and disinterested in the organisation and the team Toxic “atmosphere” Not sharing information... Continue Reading →

What Poor Managers Do

What Poor Managers Do Manage the bottom line: having a total and unhealthy obsession with the financial aspects of activity. Making plans for every action: no spontaneity or learning is necessary! Move managers around frequently and at short notice so... Continue Reading →

How To Avoid Being An Ineffective Manager

How To Avoid Being An Ineffective Manager Poor and weak managers are present in every organisation at every level – to succeed in your career you MUST make sure that nobody can put that tag or description onto you! The... Continue Reading →

Classifying Bad Managers – What’s Your Experience?

Classifying Bad Managers Going through your working life you will inevitably come across a range of managers and management styles; this is as certain as death, taxes and getting indigestion from poorly prepared seafood. To some extent it is worth... Continue Reading →

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