Emotional Intelligence

Checklist For Applying Emotional Intelligence

Checklist For Applying Emotional Intelligence As a manager your ability to understand and interact with a range of different people becomes more important the more people that you deal with and the higher you go in the organisational structure. You... Continue Reading →


Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Four Step guide to becoming a Leader visualise where you want to be; focus on achieving your vision not the barriers communicate; ask open questions, listen to others and present your ideas build strong relationships; be... Continue Reading →

How To Manage YOUR Emotions At Work

How To Manage YOUR Emotions At Work Work and having a career can be a very frustrating experience sometimes – things go well, sometimes not so well, sometimes things just rumble along with little or no impact upon us. Tasks... Continue Reading →

Having Magic Meetings

Having Magic Meetings Avoiding common errors Contact the participants before the meeting to set the scene and to gauge their initial thoughts and approaches. This is especially important for stakeholders and decision makers. Know if the meeting is about you... Continue Reading →

How To Make A Really First Good Impression!

How To Make A Really First Good Impression! When you meet someone for the first time always make sure that you make a positive impression, securing attention of the other party and arguing well and with confidence. This can be... Continue Reading →

Getting The Most From Emotional Intelligence

How Can I Use Emotional Intelligence Systematically? To gain the maximum outcomes from your commitment to Emotional Intelligence (EI) a very practical and easily remembered approach would be to set yourself up with an Emotional Intelligence Framework which would then... Continue Reading →

Emotional Intelligence In A Thumbnail

Emotional Intelligence In A Thumbnail Based on Daniel Goleman’s high level model of Emotional Intelligence (EI) highlights four key components used by skilful managers to work with and get the best possible from their staff. They are; Self-awareness — the... Continue Reading →

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