Effective Meetings

How To Make Meetings Work For YOU

How To Make Meetings Work For YOU Meetings are nice when there are only two people involved – big meetings become unwieldy and there are just too many different agendas happening for everyone to leave feeling that they have participated,... Continue Reading →

How Much Do Your Meetings Cost?

How Much Do Your Meetings Cost? Meetings are a major cost to any organisation so they need to be managed effectively and efficiently. Are you getting your money’s worth? Use the formulae below to find out: (# people) X (annual... Continue Reading →

How Productive Are Your Meetings?

How Productive Are Your Meetings? Meetings a bit of a waste of time? Not getting things done in meetings? Invitees just not turning up? Time to make Meetings more Productive and less Costly by considering the following questions: When was... Continue Reading →

Mastering Meetings – Rules For A Successful Meeting

Mastering Meetings – Rules For A Successful Meeting  If you are unable to master running a meeting, then as a manager you have a serious weakness in your skill set. Meetings are essential in the setting of tasks and implementing... Continue Reading →

Five Basic Tips For A Successful Meeting

Five Basic Tips For A Successful Meeting Schedule the meeting well in advance – meetings that are fixed at short notice seldom work Have an Agenda with relevant documents available in advance – to not have this sorted before the... Continue Reading →

How To Follow-up Meeting Outcomes

How To Follow-up Meeting Outcomes Meetings take up a huge amount of time and effort but their effectiveness is frequently undermined by the lack of follow-up and policing of the meeting’s outcomes and actions arising. If you Chair a meeting... Continue Reading →

How To Run A Quick And Highly Effective Daily Meeting

How To Run A Quick And Highly Effective Daily Meeting We all spend far too much time in Meetings that go nowhere, are poorly planned, badly managed and achieve nothing other than wasting time and incurring cost. Try using the... Continue Reading →

Skills Spot – Setting Meeting Ground Rules

Skills Spot – Setting Meeting Ground Rules Everyone arrives on time. Everyone prepares for each and every session. We test assumptions and inferences regarding what individuals explain/share Individuals share what they know or think they know – no holding back... Continue Reading →

Skills Spotlight – Chairing A Meeting

Skills Spotlight – Chairing A Meeting People always remember Meetings but they only remember the bad ones    - a little like going to a Wedding that was a disaster. Such traumas always stay in the mind so it is essential... Continue Reading →

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