Creating A Coaching Culture

Are You A Coaching Manager?

Are You A Coaching Manager? The primary objective of a Coaching Manager is the long-term professional development of talented employees as this person fully recognises that the difference between a successful organisation and an unsuccessful organisation often boils down to... Continue Reading →


What Makes A Good Coaching Conversation

What Makes A Good Coaching Conversation Listening Carefully: getting a clear path into the issues Responding Thoughtfully: never jumping in with your own initial thoughts and ideas Resist imposing your own solution: getting the full picture so that the other... Continue Reading →

Coaching Skills For Managers

Coaching Skills For Managers  Some definitions of Coaching: Raising awareness of Practical improvement on performance via questioning and self-reflection Empowerment of teams and individuals Finding an individual’s own solutions to problems Support and challenge to get the individual or team... Continue Reading →

Coaching Or Mentoring – Which Should You Offer?

Coaching Or Mentoring – Which Should You Offer? Staff need support to get to where you want them to get to in terms of meeting targets, achieving outcomes and delivering performance objectives. Remember that if they do not achieve these... Continue Reading →

How Can I Use Coaching Principles To Motivate And Train My Staff?

How Can I Use Coaching Principles To Motivate And Train My Staff? It is very unlikely that you will ever have a dream team of perfect staff who always work perfectly, understand and develop working systems and who also push... Continue Reading →

10 Coaching Review Questions For Managers

10 Coaching Review Questions For Managers All managers should be involved in practical coaching strategies for their employees – good, proactive managers coach in such a way that they encourage their potential replacements to step up and get ready for... Continue Reading →

Business Etiquette – How To Succeed In The East

  Business Etiquette -  How To Succeed In The East There are many cultural differences between the Eastern and Western way of doing business that frequently lead to either lost business or very short-lived commercial partnerships. Cultural differences underpin a... Continue Reading →

How To Create A Coaching Culture In Three Steps

How To Create A Coaching Culture In Three Steps Try the following three core principles that will support the development of a coaching culture in your organisation. Letting managers feel confident enough in their teams and employees to let go... Continue Reading →

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