12 Skills Of An Outstanding Manager

12 Skills Of An Outstanding Manager Care about what it is that you do! Really care or do something else! Listen to everyone around you and take note of what they are saying. Understand and make sure that your working... Continue Reading →

10 Critical Business Questions for ALL Organisations

All business owners should ALWAYS be asking the following questions – how many of them do you ask yourself and how often? What is our purpose for existing? A lot of businesses had a purpose when they started, but over time... Continue Reading →

Wearable Technology: Is It Good For Business?

Since the 1980’s, we’ve had access to mobile phones to connect one person to another. Whether that be for personal use, or for business: these tools have been the forefront for people to talk to each other. In the business... Continue Reading →

Basic Non-Verbal Communication Clues For Managers

There are numerous ways in which those around us communicate subtle and sometimes not-so subtle, messages. These codes and messages give us information only about the here and now – it is immediate information but it is by its very... Continue Reading →

What Do Achievers Do?

Small steps to success The world doesn’t pay you for what you know – it pays you for what you do. There’s an enduring axiom of success that says “The universe rewards action”. Yet as simple and as true as... Continue Reading →

Flaunting Power – What’s Power If You Can’t Flaunt It?

Forget the wider noble intentions – managers want to have power and be able to show that they have it for all to see. For most managers, management is about personal ambitions; power, money, status. One of the last taboos... Continue Reading →

Seven Key Questions For Managers

It is important that managers ask challenging, positive but constructive questions. This is essential to encourage staff involvement and for staff to understand situations and problems that arise in the business... Some of these questions are difficult and uncomfortable but... Continue Reading →

What Is The Role Of The Manager In The Workplace?

Whilst the organisation and the role may change, and the work of different departments even inside the same organisation may be different (the Production Departments has a very different feel to that in Finance) the one common factor is that... Continue Reading →

How To Deal With An Angry Client

Listen without interrupting - Show that you understand how they feel as well as what they are saying. Analyse the problem - Differentiate between facts (the report has three errors in it); assumptions (it was clearly done at the last... Continue Reading →

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