Being Productive

How To Be More Productive At Work

How To Be More Productive At Work Time is valuable and is, as they say, money. Pressure builds to do more for less and to do it in an ever-increasingly short lead time. No wonder people feel burned out and... Continue Reading →

Did I Have A Productive And Effective Working Day?

Did I Have A Productive And Effective Working Day? Ask yourself the following questions at the end of the working day – be honest and be prepared to change tomorrow’s routines and activities if the answers are not as positive... Continue Reading →

How To Prioritise

How To Prioritise We have too much to do and time is shrinking as the volume and complexity of tasks increases. Sound familiar? The really successful manager is judged as much as by what they do not do as by... Continue Reading →

What Is Your Diary Telling You?

A Senior Manager’s Diary. One Senior Manager sat down to separate out what they regarded as the major responsibilities of their job. They listed 6 key areas for themselves. A             Relationships with Head office B             Long-term and strategic planning C           ... Continue Reading →

How to Achieve Good Work-Life Balance.

How to Achieve Good Work-Life Balance. The Headlines – make sure that you are working to your line manager’s schedule, make sure that you do not lose touch with friends or family and NEVER check your office emails at night.... Continue Reading →

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