Agile Organisations

What Are Agile Principles And How Can I Use Them?

What Are Agile Principles And How Can I Use Them? Agile is characterised by the following: Customer collaboration: taking active steps to systematically find out, and meet, customer needs Changing requirements: continually looking for the next “big thing” in the... Continue Reading →

How To Use Agile In Everyday Management

How To Use Agile In Everyday Management There is never enough time to do it all: even managers that look like they are totally in control of what is going on require discipline and a very clear focus for getting... Continue Reading →

How Organisations Use Agile For Business Development

How Organisations Use Agile For Business Development Make Agile work for you and your organisation/department by developing the following: Customer collaboration: really find out what the customer wants and what they consider to be important Changing requirements: be aware of... Continue Reading →

How To Be An Agile Manager In 5 Easy Steps

How To Be An Agile Manager In 5 Easy Steps Use peripheral vision. Make it your business to actively monitor trends and innovations and make sure that once you have done this you positively anticipate what is new and plan... Continue Reading →

What Makes For Agile Management?

What Makes For Agile Management? We all want an organisation, and a personal management style, that is responsive, flexible and able to deal with the many different business challenges that will come our way. We need to have an AGILE... Continue Reading →

7 Ways To Develop An Agile Organisation

7 Ways To Develop An Agile Organisation Some businesses, some departments are well just a little too slow to deal with the complexities of the modern business world and are steadily getting left behind. Sooner or later they are so... Continue Reading →

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