Personal Motivation

What Is My Personality Type At Work?

What Is My Personality Type At Work? See if you can spot the following “types” where you work: Reserved Role Models Average Self-centred Three quick questions spring to mind: Which one is your Boss and how are you managing them?... Continue Reading →


How To Keep Positive As A Manager

How To Keep Positive As A Manager Management jobs are not easy and sometimes, just like everything else in life, staying positive is an effort. So, what’s to do? The following pointers should help get you through any flat times... Continue Reading →

3 BIG Management Challenges For ALL Managers

3 BIG Management Challenges For ALL Managers Have a real, cold and honest conversation with yourself and see if these crunching Challenges apply to you. If they do, then do something about them! Do you believe that you are good... Continue Reading →

How To Run Excellent 1:1 Meetings

How To Run Excellent 1:1 Meetings All employees need and value regular 1:1 meetings with their manager – this is one feature of all successful organisations, where commitment to staff development and personal growth are high on the agenda. You... Continue Reading →

How To Succeed At Work

How To Succeed At Work We all want to get on and be successful yet sometimes the people that we see around us seem to be promoted/get the more interesting tasks/are thought of “better” than we are and it all... Continue Reading →

How Should I Measure My Success?

How Should I Measure My Success? Managerial success, just like success in any venture or project, involves generating that feeling of contentment in a task that has been well done and which has achieved what it set out to do.... Continue Reading →

How Can I Achieve My Goals?

How Can I Achieve My Goals? We all have goals, dreams, ambitions and the desire to succeed; what separates out those people who achieve from those who do not boils down to asking yourself some hard questions and focusing in... Continue Reading →

Four Golden Principles Of Personal Resilience

Four Golden Principles Of Personal Resilience We cannot be risk averse – the management job does not allow for just sitting and watching things evolve and grow. Managers must get involved but, how to do this successfully? Successful managers balance... Continue Reading →

3 Quick Ways To Increase Your Resilience

3 Quick Ways To Increase Your Resilience Everyone has their own perceptions on what Resilience is and how far this stretches before you cannot adapt any further. Resilience is often seen as the ability to bend to the situation you... Continue Reading →

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