Personal Development

Management Skills That Guarantee Success

Management Skills That Guarantee Success The managers who succeed and progress have a range of skills and behaviours that they have worked hard to develop and use to progress their careers. These skills and behaviours are always built around the... Continue Reading →

Four Ways To Improve Your Life

Four Ways To Improve Your Life Be more decisive about your decision making Whether it’s your relationships, finances, health, or other areas that matter in your life, be more thoughtful about what you’re doing and whether you’re making the best... Continue Reading →

How To Write A Personal Development Plan (PDP)

How To Write A Personal Development Plan (PDP) It is very hard to map out where you want to be in terms of a whole range of issues (career, personal and social life) without some guiding process or document that... Continue Reading →

What Is My Personality Type At Work?

What Is My Personality Type At Work? See if you can spot the following “types” where you work: Reserved Role Models Average Self-centred Three quick questions spring to mind: Which one is your Boss and how are you managing them?... Continue Reading →

Personal Self-Assessment Checklist For Managers

Personal Self-Assessment Checklist For Managers We all want to know how we are doing in the job and how we link with staff, colleagues and those senior to us in the organisation. One thing that is certain is that we... Continue Reading →

4 Key Areas For Your Management Development

4 Key Areas For Your Management Development As a refresher, consider the four points below for your own Management Development and that of your staff – they will thank you for it! Think about your current levels of knowledge and... Continue Reading →

What Should be in MY Personal Development Plan?

What Should be in MY Personal Development Plan?  The effective manager should have a Personal Development Plan (PDP) that contains the following as a minimum: Key skills:            Communication, IT, Working with others, Application of number, Improving own learning Personal... Continue Reading →

How Am I Doing As A Manager?

How Am I Doing As A Manager? We all need some reflection and review on how we are performing in the job but this needs to be done by colleagues that you trust, whose opinions you value and who will... Continue Reading →

How Can I Improve My Work Output?

How Can I Improve My Work Output? If we have a Project that has gone well the temptation is to bathe in the glory and then move onto the next big issue – whilst this is a perfectly natural thing... Continue Reading →

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