Performance Objectives

How To Assess The Performance Of Your Business, Service or Department

How To Assess The Performance Of Your Business, Service or Department There are many different ways that we can make an assessment on the performance of a business or an area that we are managing. These can be: Quality Speed... Continue Reading →


Why Business Objectives Are So Important

Why Business Objectives Are So Important When building relationships, we need to keep an eye on objectives. Our actions and words need to support organisational, team and individual objectives, so that our activities are focused. We also need to be... Continue Reading →

How To Write Performance And Development Objectives

How To Write Performance And Development Objectives Getting the most from different levels of managers and team leaders required careful consideration of the way in which Performance and Objectives are set for them. Consider the examples below and see if... Continue Reading →

4 Ethical Principles of Performance Management

4 Ethical Principles of Performance Management Respect for the individual: people should be seen as “ends in themselves” and never as “means to other ends”. Mutual respect: both sides in the performance management process should totally respect each other’s needs... Continue Reading →

Six Top Tips On How To Follow Up After A Job Performance Appraisal Session

Six Top Tips On How To Follow Up After A Job Performance Appraisal Session After you’ve conducted and completed performance appraisal or evaluation sessions with your employees, it’s time to shift your focus from their past performance to their future... Continue Reading →

Eight Top Tips For Running An Excellent Performance Appraisal

Eight Top Tips For Running An Excellent Performance Appraisal As you conduct performance appraisal sessions as a manager or supervisor, use the following Top Tips to help you increase the likelihood of having a positive and productive exchange with your... Continue Reading →

Performance Appraisal – Getting Prepared

Performance Appraisal – Getting Prepared The key to a successful Performance Appraisal lies fully in doing your homework and preparing the ground with care and caution. Done well the Appraisal can be a highly motivating process for all concerned but... Continue Reading →

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