Operations Management

Four Basic Rules For Successful Operational Management

Four Basic Rules For Successful Operational Management The need to set up and consistently run a smooth, effective and efficient Operational system should never be underestimated as this will give you competitive advantage and continued control over the variables in... Continue Reading →

What Can Operations Teach Services?

What Can Operations Teach Services? If we take time to steal some wisdom from the realm of Operational Management all managers can use their mantra for success regardless of the operational context. So, what should managers consider as a road... Continue Reading →

What Skills Does The Operations Manager Need?

Create a product or a service where you can quickly add some unique value and profitability. Work with partners that you like. Build something that is for the greater good – it’s not just about profits, successful companies make a... Continue Reading →

Let Them Eat Cake – Eurpoe’s Biggest Cake Production System Opens in Barnsley

Premier Foods have just opened the largest cake production line in Europe with an investment of £20 million in robotic production processes. Located at Barnsley the plant will produce 300 million cakes per year using 49 robots to perform all... Continue Reading →

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