How To Use Communication To Increase Team And Individual Motivation

How To Use Communication To Increase Team And Individual Motivation To increase motivation in your team and its individual members, using simple communication techniques, try the following and modify your approach for each individual team member as you go: Clarify... Continue Reading →


How To Inspire Others

How To Inspire Others In life there are a few people we will meet who we can truly say are inspirational. They will stick in our minds and motivate us to push on with our lives, the tasks we are... Continue Reading →

Am I A Leader Manager or Entrepreneur?

Am I A Leader Manager or Entrepreneur? Leader: has a focus upon CHANGE, sets the direction, brings resources together and motivates people. Manager: has a focus upon COMPLEXITY, plans, organises, coordinates, optimises and controls. Entrepreneur: has a focus upon OPPORTUNITY,... Continue Reading →

10 Gold-plated Rules For Management Success

10 Gold-plated Rules For Management Success Never take unfair advantage – even of an enemy. Never go back on your word or betray a trust. Always tell the truth – however tempting it might be not to do so. Be... Continue Reading →

How To Deal With ANY Difficult Situation

How To Deal With ANY Difficult Situation Never rush in to solve a problem as this is the pathway to more problems! Keep calm and use the following 7 Pointers to sort and resolve the issue(s): Establish the Facts. It... Continue Reading →

How To Deliver An Excellent Team Briefing

How To Deliver An Excellent Team Briefing When you need to make sure that the Team completes a task exactly how you want it to be produced the difference between success and failure is simply down to how YOU go... Continue Reading →

What Do Staff Want From Their Managers?

What Do Staff Want From Their Managers? There are four basic things that ALL staff look for from their Manager – regardless of the setting, nature of the job, operational or service based, the same four things will always be... Continue Reading →

9 Top Tips To Make Performance Management Effective

9 Top Tips To Make Performance Management Effective The following principles should guide any manager in the art (never a science!!) of actually delivering a performance management system. Your Performance Management system should have: Clear aims and measurable success criteria... Continue Reading →

4 Essential Critical Thinking Skills For Management

Why Critical Thinking Is An Important Management Skill Is it better to just accept things that you hear or see? Do we regularly take things at face value? Poor management is always the result of a lack of critical skills;... Continue Reading →

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