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What Type Of Manager Are You?

What Type Of Manager Are You? Managers come in many different shapes and sizes but there are a number of managerial types that can be found in any organisation – if you recognise yourself as one of the profiles below... Continue Reading →

Are You A Visionary Manager?

Are You A Visionary Manager? The Visionary Manager has a clear focus upon the ability to excite and motivate staff towards a specific goal or target. Here the manager centres upon using persuasion, charisma, and a high emotional IQ to... Continue Reading →

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What Is My Personality Type At Work?

What Is My Personality Type At Work? See if you can spot the following “types” where you work: Reserved Role Models Average Self-centred Three quick questions spring to mind: Which one is your Boss and how are you managing them?... Continue Reading →

How To Have A Flexible Management Style

How To Have A Flexible Management Style Managers need to have a flexible approach to the rigours of the job because every situation is unique and setting down, and living with, fixed rules and principles is an almost impossible task.... Continue Reading →

How To Refresh Your Managerial Style

How To Refresh Your Managerial Style Managers can stagnate and become stale if we do not look to refresh and renew our approaches to a whole range of topics. If we fall into this trap we stifle initiative, we fail... Continue Reading →

12 Skills Of An Outstanding Manager

12 Skills Of An Outstanding Manager Care about what it is that you do! Really care or do something else! Listen to everyone around you and take note of what they are saying. Understand and make sure that your working... Continue Reading →

What Do Staff Want From Their Managers?

What Do Staff Want From Their Managers? There are four basic things that ALL staff look for from their Manager – regardless of the setting, nature of the job, operational or service based, the same four things will always be... Continue Reading →

Why Giving Management is a key success factor for organisations

Why Giving Management is a key success factor for organisations Managers need to inspire and generate engaged and committed team members – this can be achieved through some very simple giving techniques that cost little but deliver much! Make your... Continue Reading →

Five Top Tips For Management Success

Five Top Tips For Management Success In the competitive management arena success depends on making your position clear and your style visible BUT the following Five Top Tips will assist you in becoming the manager you should be. Build productive... Continue Reading →

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