Management Self Audit

Personal Management Strengths and Weaknesses

Personal Management Strengths and Weaknesses Compare your own performance against the pointers below to see how you are doing – and then, depending on the outcomes, do something about it! Management Strengths Reliability You want to make sure that something... Continue Reading →


How To Deal With My Management Weaknesses

How To Deal With My Management Weaknesses Getting the job is the easy bit – delivering regularly what is required is the hard bit! A few managers do very well in their job and move on to bigger and better... Continue Reading →

Personal Self-Assessment Checklist For Managers

Personal Self-Assessment Checklist For Managers We all want to know how we are doing in the job and how we link with staff, colleagues and those senior to us in the organisation. One thing that is certain is that we... Continue Reading →

How Am I Doing As A Manager?

How Am I Doing As A Manager? We all need some reflection and review on how we are performing in the job but this needs to be done by colleagues that you trust, whose opinions you value and who will... Continue Reading →

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