Management Agility

What Personal Managerial Agility Looks Like

What Personal Managerial Agility Looks Like Managers with the following Agile skills are highly likely to be successful in the organisations where they work – do you have these skills too? People Agility: managers who know themselves well and understand... Continue Reading →

How To Be An Adaptable Manager

How To Be An Adaptable Manager Many managers are confident they can retain their skills over time. Experience shows they are wrong. The world is fast-paced and only the most adaptable will survive. Staying relevant and constantly updating yourself is... Continue Reading →

How To Be An Agile Manager

How To Be An Agile Manager Make Agile work for you and your organisation/department by developing the following: Customer collaboration: really find out what the customer wants and what they consider to be important Changing requirements: be aware of what... Continue Reading →

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