Leadership Flexibility

What Will The Leader Of The Future Look Like?

What Will The Leader Of The Future Look Like? Today's chief executive already looks very different to that of 50 years ago. That person was almost certainly a He, sitting on the top- of a deep pyramid/hierarchy and expected to... Continue Reading →


Top Leadership Lessons

Top Leadership Lessons Having an up to date leadership style is an essential for successful organisations and for your own personal development! Nobody wants a manager from the dark ages where the autocratic approach rules anymore. Consider the following pointers... Continue Reading →

How To Prepare Future Leaders

How To Prepare Future Leaders Ice hockey players skate not to where the puck is, but where it is going next – so how can we prepare our future leaders for the working world of tomorrow? Create a culture of... Continue Reading →

Key Leadership Strategies

Being a leader is a very challenging task and requires many different skillsets to make this a success. Whilst much has been written around the need to get “leadership” right many different writers have proposed a seemingly endless list of... Continue Reading →

What Skills Are Needed To Be An Effective Leader?

Briefing – delivers necessary and accurate information to staff at the right time and ensures their understanding Inquiring – gathers all the available information as a basis for informed decision making and problem solving Caring  - recognises the needs of... Continue Reading →

Top Three Qualities of Effective Leaders

Enthusiasm – an ability to motivate the team. Confidence – gaining the confidence of the team and having confidence in both the individual members of that team and the collective effort of the team. Integrity  - demonstrating loyalty to the... Continue Reading →

How To Manage An Elderly Workforce

How To Manage An Elderly Workforce It is very likely that at some point in your career you will face the hurdle of leading and managing staff who are older than you. This sets of a series of worries and... Continue Reading →

Leadership Flexibility – Lessons Learned

Leadership Flexibility – Lessons Learned A “one-size fits all” model of Leadership does not work and anyone following this approach is doomed to failure. Many managers get catapulted into the role without any formal training – and even if you... Continue Reading →

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