Leadership and Communication

Leaders and Communication – Be A Communication Guardian

Leaders and Communication – Be A Communication Guardian Leaders communicate the big picture: the vision rather than small bits and pieces of a fragmented message. A good Leader is a Communication Guardian because he or she takes communication seriously and... Continue Reading →

What A Good Manager Should Do Every Day!

What A Good Manager Should Do Every Day! We are all full of good intentions, good ideas and good thoughts but, as the day progresses, these noble intentions and ideas often get push to one side with the inequitable cut-and-thrust... Continue Reading →

What Will The Leader Of The Future Look Like?

What Will The Leader Of The Future Look Like? Today's chief executive already looks very different to that of 50 years ago. That person was almost certainly a He, sitting on the top- of a deep pyramid/hierarchy and expected to... Continue Reading →

What Skills Are Needed To Be An Effective Leader?

Briefing – delivers necessary and accurate information to staff at the right time and ensures their understanding Inquiring – gathers all the available information as a basis for informed decision making and problem solving Caring  - recognises the needs of... Continue Reading →

What Makes Good Communication Feedback?

  What Makes Good Communication Feedback? We all want some response to our communication as a manager – to spend considerable amounts of time on the message and then to get nothing back by way of a response is both... Continue Reading →

Leadership And Getting Communication RIGHT

Leadership And Getting Communication RIGHT Leaders must always put great emphasis upon good communication but also be aware that this skill needs to be constantly revised, fine-tuned and developed in just the way that you would train to become a... Continue Reading →

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