16 Excellent Interview Questions

16 Excellent Interview Questions At the Interview it is critical to make that time the most productive it can be in forming a concrete opinion of the candidates in front of you. The trick is to ask a series of... Continue Reading →

How To Impress An Interviewer

How To Impress An Interviewer  We make judgements in the first 30 seconds of meeting someone – judgements that last and are hard to change and reverse.  If it is an interview, meeting a client for the first time or... Continue Reading →

How To Prepare For An Excellent Interview

How To Prepare For An Excellent Interview The Interview is a very important part of getting that dream job! The good news is that you can tip the balance in your favour by some basic preparation and by following the... Continue Reading →

5 Gold Standard Interview Questions

5 Gold Standard Interview Questions Recruiting the best talent is critical to the lifeblood of any organization but carries with it huge risks and uncertainties. Asking the right questions in an interview can reveal if a candidate will be able to... Continue Reading →

What To Look For When Recruiting Staff

What To Look For When Recruiting Staff The art of recruitment is littered with many expensive mistakes and fatal errors in deciding just who, from the assembled throng, should get the prize on offer – the job. A useful start... Continue Reading →

Good Non Verbal Behaviour Tips For The Interviewer

Good Non Verbal Behaviour Tips For The Interviewer Get the balance of eye contact right – look at the candidate, but do not stare continually – it will make them feel uncomfortable or they will start to think about why... Continue Reading →

Three Brilliant Interview Questions

Three Brilliant Interview Questions Putting aside all of the complicated social dances and conventions of the interview process the three basic questions ALL Interviewers want to ask are as follows; Can you do the job? Will you love the job?... Continue Reading →

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