Increasing My Personal Influence

How To Be More Effective

How To Be More Effective In the push to be constantly improving and refining the work that you are doing and to help you achieve your targets and objectives look carefully at the points below and ask yourself the following... Continue Reading →


What Is My Personality Type At Work?

What Is My Personality Type At Work? See if you can spot the following “types” where you work: Reserved Role Models Average Self-centred Three quick questions spring to mind: Which one is your Boss and how are you managing them?... Continue Reading →

What Is My Management Style?

What Is My Management Style? What are the key factors that shape you as a manager? What makes you different from your colleagues and other managers that you have previously worked with? Some of the questions might help you to... Continue Reading →

How To Keep Positive As A Manager

How To Keep Positive As A Manager Management jobs are not easy and sometimes, just like everything else in life, staying positive is an effort. So, what’s to do? The following pointers should help get you through any flat times... Continue Reading →

How To Improve My Personal Effectiveness

How To Improve My Personal Effectiveness How can I make more of an impact and raise my profile? Concern with impact: making sure that your Key Performance Indictors (KPIs) are met, having a positive input to what is going on.... Continue Reading →

How To Communicate YOUR Vision

How To Communicate YOUR Vision Keep it simple: keep the message focused and jargon-free. Use metaphors and images to get the message across: this will allow the receiver to engage their imagination and then buy into the message. Use a... Continue Reading →

How Can I Manage My Manager?

How Can I Manage My Manager? However brilliant your manager is there will come a point when you start to complain about their approach and the way in which they try to get things done. This can be around a... Continue Reading →

How To Organise Yourself – some simple Tips

How To Organise Yourself – some simple Tips All staff with management responsibility need to be organised and to have EFFECTIVE and RELIABLE systems to ensure that they meet their operational responsibilities. This is also important to show those staff... Continue Reading →

Five Top Tips To Succeed As A Manager

Five Top Tips To Succeed As A Manager In the competitive management arena success depends on making your position clear and your style visible BUT the following Five Top Tips will assist you in becoming the manager you should be.... Continue Reading →

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