Comparing Yourself To Others

Personal Management Strengths and Weaknesses

Personal Management Strengths and Weaknesses Compare your own performance against the pointers below to see how you are doing – and then, depending on the outcomes, do something about it! Management Strengths Reliability You want to make sure that something... Continue Reading →


How Do I Appear To Others?

How Do I Appear To Others? We all live in our own shell and we seldom take time to see how we present ourselves to others or how others might perceive us. This is important, not only in terms of... Continue Reading →

Why Comparing Yourself To Others Is Pointless.

Why Comparing Yourself To Others Is Pointless.  We all do it – look around at those we know or come into contact with and wish we could copy/steal some of the often indefinable “things” that they have that we do... Continue Reading →

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