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What Are The Core Questions For My Business?

What Are The Core Questions For My Business? Before you can talk about your business you need to know your business – sounds very obvious but you would be amazed just how many people running a concern never really ask... Continue Reading →

What Skills Are Needed To Be An Effective Leader?

Briefing – delivers necessary and accurate information to staff at the right time and ensures their understanding Inquiring – gathers all the available information as a basis for informed decision making and problem solving Caring  - recognises the needs of... Continue Reading →

Rules For Quick-fire Business Success

Carve your own niche in EVERYTHING that you do – this includes the collaborative partnerships that you enter into. Work hard to not only spot trends but aim to lead the market in as many ways as you can –... Continue Reading →

Simple Steps To Improve The Business in Challenging Times

ALL businesses go through testing times, lean times, times when customers seem very hard to both attract and then retain, when staff leave at critical times, when the wrong staff leave and those you really could do without remain and... Continue Reading →

Business Brief – Sales and Marketing Via The Web – 5 Key Questions

Business Brief - Sales and Marketing Via The Web - 5 Key Questions Does your site accurately and realistically portray your Mission? Does your site accurately and realistically identify and explain the Core Consumer Benefits and Added Value that you... Continue Reading →

Facing The Challenge Of Global Management.

Facing The Challenge Of Global Management. Managing global organisations is nothing new – business history is littered with examples of success but accompanied by many failures. So what does the future hold? The 1980s and 1990’s saw a rapid and... Continue Reading →

How To Improve Team Performance – Using FORM

All teams need to quickly and effectively move to a position where they are ready to deliver as soon as possible     - team development is time that, if invested wisely, will reap positive rewards for the organisation. To achieve this... Continue Reading →

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