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How To Give GREAT Feedback

How To Give GREAT Feedback Giving feedback is an essential part of the manager’s role – it is an essential part of motivating staff, setting targets and allocation work based upon performance. Sadly, however, not all of us are good... Continue Reading →


Why Selective Communication Styles Are Important

Why Selective Communication Styles Are Important Broadly speaking, communication in the workplace boils down to a clear difference between aggressive communication styles, which generally do little to create good working relationships and a softer, more skilful model, where the focus... Continue Reading →

How To Defeat Office Gossip

How To Defeat Office Gossip Virtually all conversations at work are gossip! Does that figure surprise you? We are all, regardless of whether or not we believe it, a provider and consumer of gossip of some form. Similarly a growing... Continue Reading →

How To Protect Your Brand

How To Protect Your Brand Your Brand is your most important asset: it tells a potential buyer everything they need to know about you and your product or service. As such the Brand MUST be kept safe at all times... Continue Reading →

What Are The Core Questions For My Business?

What Are The Core Questions For My Business? Before you can talk about your business you need to know your business – sounds very obvious but you would be amazed just how many people running a concern never really ask... Continue Reading →

How To Deliver The Perfect Pitch

Pitch only for work or business that is right for you and your company – far better to wait patiently for the right pitch than to end up with work or business that you cannot really do well. Get as... Continue Reading →

Clean Communication – Getting Management Communication Right

Clean Communication has no “negative charge” to it. There is no component of it that has any form of attack, shame, blame, upset, anger, manipulation, ridicule, disdain, lies or otherwise. Unclean communication may be consciously or unconsciously delivered. Consciously delivered... Continue Reading →

Simple Steps To Improve The Business in Challenging Times

ALL businesses go through testing times, lean times, times when customers seem very hard to both attract and then retain, when staff leave at critical times, when the wrong staff leave and those you really could do without remain and... Continue Reading →

Communication – Getting the Basics Right First Time, Every Time!

Communication – Getting the Basics Right First Time, Every Time! Communicating is easy, but communicating well takes skill. Good communication habits come with regular practice and every manager should be continually critically assessing and refining their communication to recognise what... Continue Reading →

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