Being Effective At Work

Did I Have A Productive And Effective Working Day?

Did I Have A Productive And Effective Working Day? Ask yourself the following questions at the end of the working day – be honest and be prepared to change tomorrow’s routines and activities if the answers are not as positive... Continue Reading →


20 Golden Rules for Effective Communication

20 Golden Rules for Effective Communication Prepare: know exactly what you want to say before you say it. Be attentive: understand the reactions of the audience. Show you are listening: make it obvious that this is a two-way process and... Continue Reading →

How To Deal With Work Politics

How To Deal With Work Politics Politics at work is a business reality and even the most skilled and able managers must learn to deal with all the negatives and challenges that working with others brings with it. By just... Continue Reading →

How To Be Highly Effective In 5 Easy Steps

How To Be Highly Effective In 5 Easy Steps Successful people are always well organised, know what they are doing are always “on top of things”. On the other hand people who are disorganised and untidy seldom do well, rarely... Continue Reading →

How To Keep Yourself FRESH In The Heat Of Battle

How To Keep Yourself FRESH In The Heat Of Battle Hard work is, well, hard work, Very hard work, actually, these days of tight deadlines, key performance measures and the need to deliver quality outcomes that truly delight customers. Many... Continue Reading →

How To Prioritise

How To Prioritise We have too much to do and time is shrinking as the volume and complexity of tasks increases. Sound familiar? The really successful manager is judged as much as by what they do not do as by... Continue Reading →

Key Questions For Delivering A Presentation

Key Questions For Delivering A Presentation Whatever the occasion or circumstance consider the following pointers when planning your next presentation. Who is the audience? What is the purpose? Why was I asked to speak? Where is it? When is it?... Continue Reading →

How to Achieve Good Work-Life Balance.

How to Achieve Good Work-Life Balance. The Headlines – make sure that you are working to your line manager’s schedule, make sure that you do not lose touch with friends or family and NEVER check your office emails at night.... Continue Reading →

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