Why Our Requests To Others Fail

Why Our Requests To Others Fail

We prepare well, think ahead of the issue or problem and use some solid Emotional Intelligence principles to get our points across.

Despite our best efforts, on occasion we just simply cannot seem to get the “buy-in” from those around us.

If we look at WHY we fail to get commitment and enthusiasm from others there are a number of important factors that we need to consider, and plan for, when preparing out pitch or strategy.

The experiences and opinions of those we are trying to influence or persuade will always be factors that blunt our message and which also serve to undermine what we are putting across. These include:

  • Views that simply conflict with ours: assuming that we are all on the same page and have the same opinions is a major oversimplification. Also if we are looking to sell an idea or get acceptance for an issue we cannot assume that the group all have the same perceptions or experiences and that there may well be widely different views between the individuals in that group. Think about likely objections and factor them into your pitch!
  • How clear is your message? Just because you think it is logical does not mean others will see it this way. Unless the message is very well structured without excessive use of technical jargon there will always be the potential risk of the message being misunderstood.
  • Previous decisions that have been implemented badly in the past. These will always colour the perceptions of those who you are now trying to influence and persuade.
  • General resistance or antipathy: often associated with the point in time that you are putting your ideas across. Typically late in the working day, first thing on a Monday or last thing on a Friday afternoon are times to avoid at all costs.

As with all things in business, the more effort you put into things the greater your chance of success.

Good Luck!

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