Pocket Guide To Successful Leadership

Pocket Guide To Successful Leadership

There is plenty of reading and research that you could do around sharpening up your leadership skills which would take an eternity to absorb and take onboard.

The following 4 Pointers get things moving and by following them you can make a very positive impact upon yourself, your team and the wider organisation.

  • Avoid, at all costs, the dreaded Imposter Syndrome: you are where you are through hard work and by being the best candidate for the job! Remind yourself at times when things get difficult.
  • Make your decisions with good intentions: look for the wider benefit in the decisions that you take and the actions that you deliver. Remember you will never be criticised for making sensible, realistic and justifiable decisions.
  • Remember that you cannot know everything and that a key success factor for any manager is how they use their network and connections to maximum return.
  • Know where you are going and how your performance will be judged. This means knowing what those above you in the organisation want and expect from you, including any numerical assessments in terms of performance and outputs. Write down your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), have them on your desk, your computer screen and really understand them.

Good Luck!

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