Management Gems To Reflect Upon

Management Gems To Reflect Upon

Why is it that everyone around you has great ideas, brilliant points of view and seemingly endless advice, but when it comes to applying these pearls of wisdom it is like knitting fog and herding a bunch of cats?

Very frustrating!

Better to develop your own Gems and work consistently to refine them.

Here are mine, gleaned from a forty year management career:

  • Work hard with what you have got: no point dreaming an=bout having more and better resources, the Fairy Godmother is not in town at the moment!
  • Maximise collaboration and co-operation between all members of your team: this gives strength, unity and a strong shared purpose – gold dust for making things happen!
  • Bring in change carefully but regularly: keeping things fresh and linked to current trends/issues/pressures keeps what you do highly relevant and keeps your profile high.
  • Model good, sound and above all honest management behaviours: you may not see yourself as a role model but you are and your team will look to you to set an example for them to follow. (Remember that there is no On/Off switch for this, you are on show all of the time!).
  • Allow your team and its individual members to make decisions for themselves: you need to work to a position that effectively means that you are removed from the action as your staff are driving forward without you. This gives you the time for developing, and then implementing strategy and the development of your product or service.
  • Avoid giving instructions – give intent and allow your people to apply the methodology themselves. After all, they are doing the work so they have practical ideas that you do not have. Let them loose!

Good Luck!

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