What Do Positive Team Dynamics Look Like?

What Do Positive Team Dynamics Look Like?

Check YOUR Team against the parameters below and make adjustments as necessary – remember their success is your success!

Mutual knowledge: understanding how each individual works

Clear roles and responsibilities: everyone knows their role on making the organisation a success BUT also understanding the overlap in roles and responsibilities and how the jigsaw fits together

Good communication skills and techniques: making sure channels are open and effective in stimulating good working relationships

Reviewing how work is organised: making changes so that work and interaction flows smoothly

Dealing with problems quickly: getting to grips with issues early and resolving them quickly

Participation and commitment: excellent attendance and timekeeping, effective communication, being reliable and approachable, being open, fair and cooperative

Sharing experiences and problems: having a network of mutual experiences and opinions so that a problem or issue that is challenging, complex or just plain daunting can me broken down with the help of mutual knowledge and know-how!

Good Luck!

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