How To Write Your Own Departmental Strategy

How To Write Your Own Departmental Strategy

You are running your Department or Team within the overarching strategy of the organisation and you have to follow the direction set from above: this is the norm for all managers and whatever we might think of the straightjacket we find ourselves wrapped up in, we have to dance to that tune.

Try running your Department or Team as a unique business or activity within that framework BUT, at the operational level, run things in line with your own Strategy.

This does not mean working against the organisation’s strategy BUT it does mean shaping what you are doing in your own way.

Try focusing upon the following areas as the last thing you want your area of responsibility to be guilty of is being reactive, vulnerable to threats and criticism with a closed eye to opportunities that might arise.

Make YOUR strategy have the format below:

  • Have a Flexible approach: be alert and adaptable to change but within your corporate mission and vision
  • Be Responsive in your work, taking account of all market and economic/environmental factors. You know how these work for your own area so respond to them.
  • Be Creative: inspire your people so that you all stand out from the crowd
  • Be Challenging: ask questions and push for information so that the responses inspire and motivate your people
  • Be Realistic: set your people targets that they can see are relevant and that they can be achieved
  • Be Focused: recognise where the power lies, be clear, defined and understandable to all stakeholders but with a primary steer towards your Team and your customers
  • Be Engaging: act in line with your host Organisational culture and values. Push issues but never break the mould within which the wider organisation operates

Make YOUR area of responsibility stand out for all of the right reasons by having your own Strategy and sticking to it.

This is not about rocking the proverbial boat but shaping delivery and performance in your own way with a road map for Strategic success.

Good Luck!

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