What to do with difficult or unmanageable Team members

What to do with difficult or unmanageable Team members

 Sadly we cannot choose who is in our Team from the minute you land as their manager: you might, over time, be able to move staff onto other employers or teams within your own organisation, but for the short-term you are stuck with them!

This will test your patience and resolve in many different ways but you HAVE to rise above your feelings.

What you must NEVER do is fall into the following traps, which will get you nowhere and just make the situation that much worse:

•Being Sarcastic: the lowest form of wit and surely to enrage your problem member of staff

•Being Bitter: just work with what you have and try to improve their performance

•Avoid giving way all the time: stick to your guns, you have the legitimate right to manage

•Never get angry: that means you have lost and they have won!

•Never get upset: a visual sign that you are the weaker person in the environment!

•Never threaten them: the simplest way to get HR involved but not supporting your position

A difficult situation for sure BUT things can be managed through patience and by sticking to your position at all times.

Good Luck!

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