Positive Affirmations For Managers

Positive Affirmations For Managers

Management is a very demanding and challenging way of earning a crust:if it was nice and easy, everyone would be doing it!

We all need some positive vibes from time to time so use the Positive Affirmations below BUT make sure that you have some supporting evidence to back up your personal review!

  • I am a success in meeting my targets!
  • I am confident in my abilities and those of my Team to make my area of responsibility a success!
  • I use my experience consistently for the best possible outcome!
  • I show strength of character and purpose in a fair and equitable manner!
  • I am committed to the continual improvement of my knowledge, skills and professional behaviours!
  • I have all the drive and energy that I need to succeed and grow my career!

When times get tough focus upon the Affirmations to give you the boost you need.

When times are good use the Affirmations to review your successes and identify further areas for your development.

Good Luck!

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