The Seven Key Attributes Every Entrepreneur Needs For Success

The Seven Key Attributes Every Entrepreneur Needs For Success

Making your business the success it needs to be is not easy, it will drain you at times, excite you, exhilarate you and often frustrate you.

It is going to be a challenging ride!

There are, however, a number of attributes that you can develop and deliver to make this process work for you, and not against you. This is all about developing your inner and outer resilience.

Consider the following Key Attributes that every Entrepreneur needs and assess where you are with each of them:

  • Optimism: even in the darkest times of driving forward with your idea you must keep a positive frame of mind otherwise the clouds will descend and negativity enters the scene.
  • Acceptance: sometimes things happen that you do not like, were not expecting or which just frustrate you to the point of severe annoyance! Be wise enough when this happens to draw a line under it and realise that you cannot change what has happened and that being angry about the issue will not change anything. Be clever and move on!
  • Solution-orientation: looking for remedies and work-arounds when things go badly to find a way forward. Successful people, regardless of their operational context, always look for solutions.
  • Not being a victim: wise-up and stop the temptation to feel sorry for yourself right at the start of the issue. Victims remain victims and never really move on, however much they claim that they have.
  • Taking responsibility: if things go wrong and they really are down to you, don’t shirk that and grab the issue like an adult and do something about it! Tempting to blame others and to shift the blame onto innocent parties but this will never be a learning experience if you fail to own up to your errors.
  • Plan for the future: no successful business was based just on a whim or a vague idea. Make sure that your Business Plan has rigour, meaning and relevance and that is has both Key Performance Indicators and meaningful Milestones.
  • Network yourself: the more network contacts that you have the more likely it is that you will be a success. People work with people and links are established that you can develop and exploit. Hermits will never be a success!

Having the correct balance of the Seven Attributes above will greatly increase your chance of success if you consistently keep them in the forefront of your mind.

Good Luck!

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