Why Connection Between Team Members Is Vitally Important

Why Connection Between Team Members Is Vitally Important

Effective Teams have severalhighly visible features that separate themselves from other Teams that just cannot compete in terms of quality outputs, positive dynamics and delivering consistently reliable results. One of these features is the degree to which there is connectivity between their individual members.

This is made worse because one of the outcomes from the Covid 19 pandemic has been a significant shift in how individuals relate to and work with their peers.  Put simply, employee disconnection is a big problem and staff who feel lonely, alienated or disengaged are very likely to leave and seek employment elsewhere. Disconnection means lower production, more dayslost due to sickness, lower quality and high staff turnover.

Put simply, building close relationships with colleagues is a very significant factor in determining job satisfaction.

So, what can be done to build stronger relationships at work?

1. Commit to making connectedness a regular feature of Team Dynamics

Think of creative examples where positivity and sharing of both experiences and knowledge is celebrated for the benefits of the entire Team. This can be further developed with regular Agenda items at team meetings and open reviews of successful performance so that key learning can be shared.

2. Encourage everyone in the Team to ask for support.

This involves taking away the stigma of asking for assistance and replacing it with the confidence to speak out when times are tough, and the direction needed is uncertain. Sharing with the Team what each member is struggling with gives us all a chance to support that individual with fresh ideas and different views of the same problem.

3. Set the tone for connectedness when new staff join the Team.

When a new employee joins the Team,this is an excellent time to set up effective bonding and support mechanisms. This is especially true for new employees appointed during the pandemic where they may never have actually met any of their colleagues. This makes integration incredibly challenging. Communication of key pieces of information, sharing of advice and guidance and just being there for the new employee are all essential.

4. Make support for staff something meaningful.

Take every opportunity to promote, and deliver, connectedness!

Make every phonecall count and maximise all in-person conversations to minimise any feeling of loneliness for all Team members.

Make connectedness the responsibility of everyone in the Team.

Good Luck!

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