Monday Morning Leadership Refresh

Monday Morning Leadership Refresh

If things are getting a bit stale in terms of how effective you are in the role, it is time to think about how to refresh your style to get that little bit of extra traction.

Try experimenting with the following points: some will give you an instant boost while others might be a slower burn in terms of a return on your effort. Whatever the reality make sure that you keep your focus on all of them and keep using them.

1. Listening. Good results will always come for a manager who takes time to listen and then pays attention to what is actually said.

2. Empathy. See things from the other person’s point of view. Avoid the temptation to just focus on your position or view and recognise alternative views.

3. Be aware of the emotions of those around you. Read people, see what underpins their reactions, feelings and opinions. Make sure that you fully understand what makes your people happy and what they find frustrating.

4. Self-Awareness. Exactly understand how you come across when you are dealing with others. Recognise how your actions and behaviour impact on those around.

5. Be Persuasive. Avoid the use of authority, the home of the weak manager. Use persuasion and see how the response of your staff improves accordingly.

6. Focus on the Big Picture. This should be your focus and that of your Team.

7. Look beyond the Horizon. You cannot predict the future but you can use your experiences and knowledge to really understand what is happening now and what is likely to happen next.

8. Support your people. Be committed to developing your people’s skills and support their career aspirations.

9. Build your Team. Make sure that your Team is as strong and resilient as it can possibly be with strong levels of interaction and collaboration amongst all of its members.

Keep the above points firmly in your mind and revisit them regularly.

Good Luck!

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