Key Leadership Principles For Right Now

Key Leadership Principles For Right Now

There are many different Leadership Principles circulating and you no doubt will have your own that frame your work and approach to tasks.

The following are key principles that all Leaders need to follow and are well worth looking at:

  • Make a conscious decision to trust your staff which will then mean that you in turn will be trusted.
  • Share your responsibility around the Team: let people develop their skills by exploring parts of your job and running with it.
  • Share your vulnerabilities around the Team: staff will value this and will see that there is a real human under that veneer of leadership responsibility.
  • Have good intentions: leadership is a people game where staff, customers and colleagues can get hurt and where memories of poor decisions linger for a long time in the mind.
  • Do things for the right reason: never make decisions that are not for the best, that do not bring effectiveness and efficiency and that will harm either the individual or the business.

You may have priorities that come and go but you MUST keep to your principles!

Good Luck!

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