What Is Entrepreneurship?

What Is Entrepreneurship?

Having an idea worth chasing, thinking of products and services that people need but cannot find, making a profit, re-investing profits to grow the business, doing something very different and being at the cutting edge of the market.

All worthy descriptions about how you want your business to grow and develop: you will, no doubt, have your own opinions and thoughts.

 Personal wealth, family security, social inclusion and personal pleasure in doing something that you enjoy would also be in there too!

A broad but unifying assessment of Entrepreneurship could be identified as:

  • Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking: being highly opportunity-based with a holistic approach to create value for all stakeholders
  • Entrepreneurship is using creative effort, using time wisely and taking full account of the associated financial, psychological and social risks this brings with it.
  • Entrepreneurship is chasing opportunities without full regard to the resources that we already have and control
  • Entrepreneurship is about identifying the next big challenge, the next need to be satisfied and then systematically introducing the idea to the market in the face of uncertainty and doubt.

Entrepreneurship is all about making things happen and being determined to see it succeed.

Whatever your product or service use the four points above to fully check that your drive and passion is moving in the right direction.

Check this continually.

Good Luck!

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