The Key Differences Between Critics And Critical Friends

The Key Differences Between Critics And Critical Friends

In the workplace, in our social and family relationships, we will all inevitably come across people who offer their opinions, views and perceptions, often when we least want this focus and potential intrusion.

The sad part about life is that there are two groups of people who give their views, but for differing reasons, and knowing the difference is a very important part of being happy, successful and well-balanced.

The two groups are:


  • Find your flaws
  • Want to win and see you as some form of competition
  • Hold you back from expressing yourself or being successful
  • Work actively to change your mood and feelings
  • Create a dark cloud that is hard to come out from underneath

Critical Friends:

  • See your strengths and help you develop and fine-tune them for your success
  • Want to help in any way that they can
  • Work positively to move you forward
  • Work actively to change your mind and to see new possibilities
  • Lift your spirits and motivate you

Good managers, colleagues, friends and key contacts will always people who will offer constructive criticism, worded and delivered with your best interests at heart even though it might seem harsh and unhelpful at the time.

Make sure that you recognise the difference between them and act accordingly and have far more Critical Friends than Critics in your list of contacts and relationships!

Good Luck!

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