A Blueprint For Departmental and Organisational Success

A Blueprint For Departmental and Organisational Success

If you look around you will find a range of Departments where you work, or Organisations that you would like to work for, that have success seemingly nailed down, using reliable systems and metrics to build sequentially upon previous success and achievements.

Their success is admirable, but how do they do it?

Their performance and continued growth is focused upon the following key principles which you can adopt and use for yourself:

  • Develop a Talent Management system that actively develops key performers and skilled team members whilst actively retaining those in the team that you need to keep. (This also included weeding out those who will never make the Grade).
  • Make full use of all available training programmes, both internal to your organisation and those that are purchased from external sources. Expenditure on training is never wasteful expenditure!
  • Always communicate with clear objectives. This applies to all in your Department or Organisation: this makes communication effective, efficient and above all else, right first time.
  • Be a Role Model: embody the principles that you want your Team to follow and practice. Make sure that your Behaviours are thoroughly professional at all times.
  • Adopt your leadership style to the individual members of staff that you are working with. Be authentic and consistent.
  • Provide opportunities for low skilled team members/employees to widen their knowledge and develop their skills. Always remember you started out like that and their personal development is just as important as yours!
  • Always use Emotional Intelligence to understand why people act how they do and what you can do to make your style of delivery as effective as possible.
  • Spend a lot of time building and developing working relationships. High performing managers reap the rewards of positively and systematically constructing connections and links with a wide variety of different people. Encourage your staff to do the same!
  • Trust and empower your people. Productivity rises everywhere once Trust is established as a cornerstone of your leadership style.
  • Invest time and energy on providing constructive and meaningful feedback on the performance of both individuals and teams.

Think carefully about the points above and work systematically to embedding them into your approach.

Good Luck!

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