What Does A Premium Team Look Like?

What Does A Premium Team Look Like?

Strong and highly effective Teams have a number of clear, recognisable features: these can relatively quickly be made into a Checklist so that you can tweak and modify practices and systems to get the final piece of the efficiency and effectiveness jigsaw.

The Premium Team Checklist:

  1. The Team shows very high levels of Trust between its members: there is no friction or uncertainty amongst its members and there is a very positive atmosphere at all times.
  2. Where there is conflict or an exchange of views, this is done in a productive and respectful manner. The outcome from this is to deliver improvements and better quality outcomes without being bogged down with interpersonal arguments.
  3. Commitment to decisions: once made the individuals in the Team subscribe to it, support it and work within its boundaries in a mature and sensible manner.
  4. Accountability: the Team sees that they have Key Performance Indicators to deliver, understand what they are and how they will be measured and then individually, and collectively, deliver against them.
  5. A focus upon collective results: individual success and recognition comes a very long way back from seeking out Team recognition and success.

Use the Premium Team Checklist to gauge how your Team is delivering against targets and make changes accordingly.

Good Luck!

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