Five Key Roles Every Team Needs

Five Key Roles Every Team Needs

Teams need nurturing and care is needed in their growth and development: it can never be just about performance at any cost and just hoping for the best.

All successful Teams need the following roles to be filled by competent, dedicated and enthusiastic individuals who have the skills and abilities to make this happen:

  • The ‘Leader’ who ensures that the team has clear objectives and makes sure everyone is involved and committed
  • The ‘Challenger’ who questions effectiveness and presses for improvement and results but who does this in an appropriate and careful manner
  • The ‘Doer’ who urges the team to get on with the job in hand and does practical tasks, making tasks come to life and pushing colleagues to develop skills and achieve more
  • The ‘Thinker’ who produces carefully considered ideas and weighs up and improves ideas from others, fleshing them out into deliverables
  • The ‘Supporter’ who eases tension and maintains team harmony, often using humour to make this happen and to bring people together.

Make sure that in your Team there is at least one of the above to make sure that targets are being met and continuous improvement is delivered.

Good Luck!

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