The Top 5 Management Challenges Facing Every Manager

The Top 5 Management Challenges Facing Every Manager

The manager’s role is never easy and different sectors and organisations often have their own unique set of strategic and operational issues.

That said, the following strategic issues should be on every manager’s mind:

  • Communication: who do I/we communicate with, on what and when, what level of detail and to what end? Getting communication right is a key determinant of success, bearing in mind that recipients of what they consider to be poor communication seldom forgive easily!
  • Resolving Conflict: things will not always go smoothly in any strategy or operational activity however well they are planned and delivered. To recognise conflict where it occurs is one thing but sorting this out and resolving the issue is quite another. Having unresolved conflict issues in the team or the wider organisation eats away at effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Managing performance and tracking productivity: objectives must be met, and targets achieved. Do your staff have formal targets and measures set for their performance? (You will NEVER assess the performance of your human resources unless you provide a clear and transparent process by which to evaluate their work!).Productivity can always be improved: continuous improvement must be a key personal mantra and something that you are committed to, thereby instilling this in your staff.
  • Dealing with and assessing uncertainty: even the best researched, prepared and communicated plans rarely work out as intended. The world of management and business seldom follows a well-trodden path and there will always be a degree of uncertainty that need to be recognised and acted upon. The trick is all about making concrete assessments of risk and seeing how the inputs to any project may deviate from the anticipated pathway you have set out. Only a foolish and naive manager would assume that all the givens in any plan, process or activity will fully work out as expected.
  • Administering Policies and Procedures fairly and consistently: this is a common source of frustration and disruption amongst staff when they see that their peers are given preferential treatment or when rules are either not applied or are applied more vigorously than is necessary.

There will always be a range of challenges in any organisation: your challenge as a manager is to recognise them, assess them and then effectively deal with them.

Good Luck!

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