How To Get Your Staff Excited About Their Workload

How To Get Your Staff Excited About Their Workload

The primary function of a manager is to get the best from their staff in terms of effectiveness and efficiency: the best performing areas of ANY organisation are those that motivate their staff to achieve, push forward with developments and innovate.

Excited staff who are motivated make a direct contribution to the growth and development of the organisation.

The challenge is to excite staff and the following points are a useful guide to making this a reality:

  • Prime the task: set the topic for staff to consider and the broad parameters of the issue. Making this clear is essential in getting progress in the right direction
  • Provocation: setting tasks that are exciting to consider so setting the scene here is essential
  • Puzzle: setting tasks for the staff that stretch and promote individual learning, recognising that individual learning also delivers organisational learning
  • Problems: identifying issues that need to be solved to improve operationalsystems. Set these up, create scenarios for staff to delve into and setupexercises to test out ideas, strategies and potential new systems
  • Practice: allow wherever possible staff to put their ideas into practice. Nothing demoralises staff more than working on a project and then not being allowed to put this into practice
  • Playback: has the problem been solved, has the task been successful and have there been improvements in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. Additionally have you given feedback to your team on outcomes generated?

As ever success very much depends upon how well you prepare the ground.

Never forget thatexcited and motivated staff make an organisation successful and deliver competitive edge in your marketplace.

Good Luck!

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