The Inconvenient Truths About Management

The Inconvenient Truths About Management

Whatever your role and whatever your duties, management is a bit of a challenge and is never easy.

The following are the Inconvenient Truths that unite every manager in every context:

  • Management is hard work: if it was easy everyone would be a manager and on occasion the job will make you wish that you had done something a little easier
  • You will need help: you simply cannot do it all on your own and you will need assistance both from those above and beneath your position in the organisational hierarchy
  • Mistakes are invaluable learning lessons: never think you will get it right all of the time and when things go wrong, really spend time analysing what you can gain in understanding and knowledge from the experience
  • Be persistent and consistent: getting things done means having a very clear focus and being determined to see things through. Managers should not be put off by difficulties and challenges are there to be overcome
  • Keep motivating yourself: you will need substantial reserves of energy, confidence and self-belief at times when the motivation that you would hope to get from others simply will not be there. Motivation from within is priceless.

Whatever happens, be clear on your goals, respectful of others and work collaboratively.

Good Luck!

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