Reviewing Your Day – Was It A Winner?

Reviewing Your Day – Was It A Winner?

Days bring with them their own challenges and it is very true to say that one day is not like any other in the manager’s world.

Reviewing activity, including the highs and the lows, is an essential tool in gauging your own personal progress and recognising where you can make improvements.

The best way of getting as much as you can from your day is to begin it slowly, and with clear intent. At the end of the day you then really need to assess what has happened to identify what redirections are necessary to make tomorrow more fruitful.

In this review process, good managers recognise the clear difference between significance and success as the two are definitely NOT the same thing.

Significance means:

  • Having feelings of self-worth in the job role
  • Showing generosity of your own time and talent to help those around you
  • Delivering strong service to your team and colleagues
  • Developing strong working relationships

Success means:

  • Meeting KPIs that have been set, possibly at the expense of the niceties of relationships
  • Delivering outputs
  • Financial performance
  • Anything that delivers personal and intrinsic motivation, making you feel as good as you can

The best managers are the ones that focus on the significance of what you are doing in the job, rather than just the traditional measurements of success.

Good Luck!

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