Managerial Excellence – You’ve Got This

Managerial Excellence – You’ve Got This

Standing out from the crowd in management terms is essential if you are to really make your mark and have the career that you deserve.

This centres upon being someone who can actually Influence what is going on, listening rather than talking and actually wanting your staff to win and be successful, rather than having the focus just upon you!

The secrets of Managerial Excellence are as follows:

  • Clear Goals: have yours written simply and plainly so that they are meaningful and can be measured objectively
  • Using One Minute Praise: telling your staff what they are doing well and why their contribution is essential to the success of the organisation
  • Using One Minute Redirects: explaining where improvements can be made in what staff are doing but, very importantly, how you can, and will, help in this process

The above are not difficult and can be woven into your everyday managerial duties very easily – action them now and get the recognition that you deserve.

Good Luck!

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