How To Make The Most Of Your Supervision Session Or Appraisal

How To Make The Most Of Your Supervision Session Or Appraisal

Supervisions and Appraisals are a golden opportunity to seek clarification and gain information upon your performance and how you are progressing towards your next goal or target.

Put simply, the more you know about your performance the more you can gauge how effective you are in the job role and how your likely career path will open up for you.

Ask yourself the following questions on a regular basis to make sure that these interventions are working as well as they can be for you and your career:

  • How often do I ask for feedback? Am I reluctant to do this and, if so, why is this?
  • In supervisions and Appraisals do you get defensive?
  • Do you ask for more detail on key points or things that are uncertain for you?
  • Are the conversations thorough enough and is the content meaningful?
  • Do you clarify that the expectations that have been set are clear, concise and above all measurable?
  • Do you set goals for your own personal and professional development?
  • Do you follow up to get additional feedback on your progress?

Opportunities for feedback may not be regular enough for you – if this is the case you know what to do!

Good Luck!

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